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Buy GS700 HUNTKEY Power Supply for Casing G5700 HK600A-CH


  • Brand: Huntkey
  • Model No: GS700
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Power Supply: 600W
  • Upgraded Version
  • Ultra Durable Covering shell
  • Reliable Power Supply with Active PFC
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation & soundless Performance
  • Power Supply for Gaming PC

Here are the features of the HUNTKEY GS700 Power Supply.

  • Power Output: The GS700 Power Supply has a maximum power output of 700 Watts, providing ample power for most desktop computer systems.
  • Efficiency: It is designed to be highly efficient, typically achieving an efficiency rating of 80 Plus, which means it operates with high energy efficiency, minimizing power wastage.
  • Active PFC (Power Factor Correction): The power supply incorporates Active PFC technology, which helps optimize power delivery and improve energy efficiency by maintaining a stable power factor.
  • Modular Cables: The GS700 may feature a modular cable design, allowing you to connect only the necessary cables, which helps improve cable management and airflow within your computer case.
  • Multiple Connectors: It comes equipped with a range of connectors to accommodate various computer components, including SATA power connectors for hard drives and SSDs, PCIe connectors for graphics cards, and ATX connectors for motherboards.
  • Cooling System: The power supply is likely to have an efficient cooling system, typically with a large fan and optimized airflow design to keep the internal components cool and maintain stable performance.

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