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X-AGE XWH01 Conve Up

X-AGE XWH01 Conve Up

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Shop X-AGE XWH01 Conve Up Beat W1 Wired Headphone, 40 mm Driver with 32 Impedance Ohm, High Quality Audio Experience, 6-months Warranty


  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Power Output: 30mW x 2
  • Driver: 40 mm
  • Frequency Respond: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Comfortable Wired Headphone Size:165 x 74 x 185 mm
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Product Description

The X-AGE XWH01 wired headphones offer a versatile audio experience with a focus on quality, comfort, and convenience. With a brand reputation for reliable audio accessories, the X-AGE XWH01 headphones live up to expectations. These headphones feature an impedance of 32 ohms, making them compatible with a wide range of devices, ensuring that you can enjoy your favourite audio content without any impedance mismatch issues. They offer a power output of 30mW per channel (for both left and right channels), providing ample audio power for clear and immersive sound reproduction. This Bluetooth earbuds are equipped with 40mm drivers (horns), and these headphones deliver a well-balanced audio experience. The 40mm driver size enables them to produce a wide range of frequencies, from deep, resonant bass tones (as low as 20Hz) to crisp, clear highs (up to 20,000Hz). This ensures that you can fully appreciate the details in your music or audio content. Designed with user comfort in mind, these headphones feature an ergonomic design with cushioned earpads. The plush padding provides a comfortable fit, making these headphones suitable for extended listening sessions. Whether you're enjoying music, watching movies, or gaming, you can wear these headphones for hours without discomfort.

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Features of X-AGE Wired Headphone

Impedance: These headphones have an impedance of 32 ohms, which is a common impedance level for headphones. This level of impedance ensures compatibility with a wide range of audio devices, including smartphones, laptops, and audio players.

Power Output: These headphones can deliver sufficient audio power for clear and immersive sound with a power output of 30mW per channel (for both left and right channels).

Horn (Driver): These headphones are equipped with 40mm drivers (horns), which can provide a wide frequency range and deliver well-balanced audio, including deep bass and clear highs.

Comfortable Wired Headphone: These headphones are designed for comfort during extended listening sessions. The ergonomic design and cushioned earpads provide a comfortable fit, making them suitable for long hours of use.

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convE UP Beat W1 Headphone

Packaging contains

  • 1 x Headphone
  • 1 x User manual
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