Number 1 way to make money online in Nepal this 2023

Number 1 way to make money online in Nepal this 2023

As internet and technology is readily available to the masses, people in Nepal are looking for sources of income where they can earn extra income to support their financial needs. As internet reach in exponentially growing in Nepal, the ways people could earn money has also grown and nowadays there are multiple sources of income you can try, no tech skills required the only thing required is the determination to do hard-quality work, not to be lazy and procrastinating, be consistent and work on your plans and strategies to achieve that income goals.

In this blog post we will discuss number 1 way to make legit money online in Nepal this 2023 and beyond, if you like this article please do comment your thoughts and share with your friends. 

People usually talk about doing ride sharing gigs like Tootle, Pathao etc as side gig in Nepal as people see this as a last option to be self employed without any skills required. But let me tell you this, the risk involved in this gig is much higher than the way that we are going to discuss today. In context of Nepal, there is no proper roads which means the rate of getting into accident is higher which means your income will have a drastic negative impact once you are on accident, even your life is at risk. The other problem is the cost of medical expenses as there is no proper system for medical insurance in Nepal. Other problem I see is the expenses like fuel cost, maintenance cost, long hectic hours, robbery, threats and many more. In this job, once you stop moving your body your income stops which is not feasible to scale this business and eventually your vehicle die out and there is few penny left at the end of the day after deducting all these expenses.

Other options people choose is they open small stall like tea, momos, or related shops, this business model requires lots of capital and margins are thin and competition is high.

Some other side hustles people try this 2023 is doing stock market, e-commerce, Fiverr, Upwork etc, these are the good business model but only few people succeeds on this as this requires capitals for investing, inventory, marketing, competitions and more. This is too much of work for less margins. And risk on stock market is too high only less than 5% ever succeed in stock market rest 95% will loose their money. So why to take that risk.

I think people have heard about the topic that we are discussing today but they haven't taken this model too seriously. We will deep dive in this topic and let you know how this system works and how much you can earn through this business model. The topic that we are sharing with you is called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing in Nepal

Affiliate marketing doesn't need any experience and tech skills. This works if you have internet and laptops/mobile phones with internet acess. If you use social media most of the time then this business model might be the best fit for you. In simple layman terms, on affiliate marketing you recommend products that you have used and liked to the online audience through your affiliate links and if anyone purchases from your affiliate link your get certain commissions on that sale. Let's say you are gadgets enthusiast and want to create content based of gadgets, now you signup for the affiliate program here, then you create a multiple social media pages and channels across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. You can record your own videos around the product and share online with your affiliate link, once that link is clicked by your traffic and your audience make a purchase, you start making money on every sale. 

On today's date if you see big online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Walmart there you can see affiliate or associate link where people like us can signup and make extra cash sharing affiliate links along with our contents. The good part of this model is you don't have to buy items you are sharing, you don't have to deal with profits, delivery, refunds, exchanges, reviews and customers services. The only thing you should focus on is to grow your audience/followers, sharing helpful contents in the form of images, text, videos on multiple channels and make them assured that you are sharing high quality good products to them. The more people believe you and your content more income you could be generating. You have to earn their trust starting from one audience to millions of them. 

For instance, you can watch any videos on youtube based off gadgets (DSLR cameras), at the description of that video you can see the creators sharing their affiliate links from Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Walmart and so on where they are earning from their affiliate links if you go and purchase from their affiliate link within certain timeframe. Similarly, you can start and do the same from Brother-mart affiliate program.

This program is particularly based off Nepal and for Nepali people, this program pays every two weeks through bank deposit or other digital payment gateway. 

If you have any other questions we are always here to help you to scale and thrive. 

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